The only tarp that fits seamlessly, guaranteed

Works with a toolbox

You can keep being productive and prepared by keeping your tools with you.

Improved gas mileage

Eliminate wind resistance which in the long run saves you more money per year.

Keeps debris from flying out

Keep your loose haul from flying away and making a mess on the road.

If you're looking for a way to keep your truck bed covered, work with various loads and improve your fuel economy, then a FlowTarp is the perfect solution. FlowTarp is a tarp that is made to fit your truck bed seamlessly, even with a toolbox, and looks like a truck bed cover.

“The new workhorse of truck covers”

What the flow tarp isn't

Hard tonneau covers will frustrate you because you have to give up your wallet to purchase one. Tarps or straps will do the same because they are cumbersome and messy.


Hard covers and even some tarps can quickly get up to eye watering prices. If you need that, great. But if you just need a simple cover that doesn't break the bank, you're in the right place.


If you need to remove a hard cover, you have to know to remove it before driving off. Some, you even need help with because of the weight. Regular tarps and straps are cumbersome too. You need to try to find places to hook it on and make sure you have the right size cords or straps. Not with the FlowTarp. It's flexible when you need it, and can fold up when you dont.

have to choose when to use

Hard covers limit your options. You can only haul what fits and you have to be sure before taking the truck out. On the other side, you wouldn't want to keep a regular tarp covering the bed if you don't need it. The FlowTarp works around you.

Just because your truck is working for you doesn’t mean it can’t look nice.

FlowTarp covering the truck bed after being cleaned to show the features.
Hooks secured into truck bed railing
Tension Clamps
Integrated Design
Works with truck bed
Industrial Grade Canvas

A strong and secure fit

A sturdy installation is essential to your work. You can trust that the tarp isn’t going anywhere and worry more about your work rather than what is in your truck bed.

The FlowTarp is made of industrial vinyl and easy to clean using a pressure washer. There is no need to be delicate with the FlowTarp.

Integrated design for your truck bed

FlowTarp looks like a soft truck bed cover and seamlessly goes with your truck. Unlike traditional tarps, this one actually looks good and makes sense to keep it on. They are also custom made to work with your toolbox if you have one installed.

The FlowTarp is flat down and fits seamlessly with your truck, even with a toolbox.

improved gas mileage

Look, you're driving around a lot and using your truck for work. Trucks aren't known to be great on gas. But every cent counts. Especially since the cost of the FlowTarp is low, it will pay itself back quickly. Having the tarp installed will reduce the drag on the truck, giving you a small, but meaningful improvement that overtime, ads up to be a lot.

Top down view of the FlowTarp installed on a truck on the road. The flat bed helps with aerodynamics of the truck.

Adjustable shape and size

Your day to day work varies. Sometimes you need something flat, sometimes you're taking a larger load that you want to hold down. Either way, the FlowTarp is meant to adjust to your needs and work with you.

Loading an even larger load of boxes and keeping them down with the FlowTarp and the included straps.
Tightening the FlowTarp straps over a large load using the hooks on the truck bed.
The FlowTarp is flat down and fits seamlessly with your truck, even with a toolbox.
Top down view of the FlowTarp installed on a truck on the road. The flat bed helps with aerodynamics of the truck.
Loading large 2x4 into the truck bed and covering it with the FlowTarp.

ordering your FlowTarp

Each FlowTarp is custom made to order here in the U.S. all for a fraction of the cost of a hard cover at just $100.

Ordering is made easy, we are just asking for a few specifics about your truck.

We will walk you through step by step on how to measure your truck bed!

What you’ll need:
-Measuring tape
-Your truck!

Let's get started!

Customer testimonials

See how others have been loving their FlowTarp

"The FlowTarp is very well made. The stitching and hardware are are very high quality and should last for years. I really like the tarp b/c it helps keep the direct sunlight off my lce box, and it affords a measure of privacy for the items in the bed of the truck."


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